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Tutorial : Orange peel    with scalloped edges 

Turorial 'Snowballs' : scraps ? never mind 

Tutorial Made to order cute teddies Quilt 

Denin Catedral windows : Flourish quilt , how was made here ,  take first step here !

Tutorial: Dissapearing 9Patch with Scallopes edges  

Tutorial : Acolchado con Estarcido / Stencil on Quilt 

'Using a pattern tissue paper and sewing on it , trace several at a time and use them ...'
 (better with a thin point permanent pen).I learned with a pencil it gets dirty !

Some of you asked me about Stencil on quilting, this video inspires not exactly as I do . 
She is a Quilt teacher, the issue is she uses a expensive paper, mine is a humble tissue paper.
I use temporary glue as well, only a few.  Take a look after the 5th min.
Algunas me habeis preguntado por la tecnica del estarcido en el acolchado , el video que os ensenio ha sido mi inspiracion, aunque yo uso papel mas barato , papel de seda.
Importante cuando uso el fijador temporal que no sea de la cara del lapiz, pues el hilo quedaria manchado. Vedlo despues del min 5'.

Tutorial Pinwheel and Turnover , making a block.

Tutorial: terminar visillo con vainicas / Tutorial about Finishing Linen Panel curtain with drawn thread work 

Tutorial how finished a point curtain 

Some ideas about Pinwheels quilt 

Shabby quilt 

Tutorial pequenias iniciales / Tutorial embroidery a monogram on handkerchief

Hand embroidered 

Tutorial Pinwheels / Tutorial TWIST Pinwheels     Part one

Twist Pinwheels

Pinwheels terminados.../ Some Pinwheels finished   Part 2

Playing and learning 
Find here 'Tuto Flying geese / Gansos voladores :

Tutorial visillo con vainicas /  Tutorial Drawn thread embroidery curtain    Part one

Drawn thread embroidery on linen curtains 

Ver Terminado el visillo / Curtain is finished    Part 2 

Finished curtains 
Stories from Africa, cushion applique 

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