BBS...is for : Been Busy Stitching ...

If you are new here because you discovered me recently,  you  are welcome! 
I’m happy to see you  !
If you’re following  me ,  I’m so glad you come back !
I have lot of fun to show you today...I'm really happy to share with you the novelties...
I have been so busy lately making Christmas Stocking, my first time ,and was excited doing them.
An order comes to me from CA..it is a return customer who likes my craftsmanship and I'm very grateful to be able to do my best for him...

Let's go to show you what I mean...what do you think?

Its 18" tall and 8" width  (above ) but its possible to fold the top to make them smaller and cute so they are open as a shirt...Can you see it ?

All of them, 10 stockings, are absolutely different, no one will have the same, and has his own Christmas tny decoration : bells, hearts, Santa , ...so cute, isn't it ?

each lined ...

I hope could be interesting for you , you do not need pattern...you know well... just playing  with  fabrics and tiny details that make it different stitched on them ! do you?

By the way....a Christmas Carol..one of my favorite....HERE 

Have fun, and don't be shy ..do a comment , I want to hear from you .

Tengo un nuevo ordenador ..he de adaptar elteclado al espanyol...disculpad !!proxima entrada con acentos y con la "ny"..lo prometo !!