Spring is coming , let's dress windows !

I haven't post since ages . I miss already as a blogger to be in touch with what is going with my colleagues and explain with pictures what is new in my studio 'taller de lino'.
Linen is my passion , and I know, when my customer receive any curtain at home, they are surprise how nice it is hanging in place, buying by internet has sometimes a bad surprise, not only about colours but also about measures .
In my case, honestly I have to say, is just the opposite , they leave a review sharing the nice experience to have at home Irish linen curtains enhancing windows , whenever they are living, the enjoy the new look of their windows .
From small windows measures for a cottage or big size for a Sash windows in town houses, linen curtains with drawn-work never disappoint , in a Bay window looks gorgeous , but also it is so nice when is small and cute , make by measure , by hand, with care and only for you, those curtains highlight any room ,because the light throw the linen is magnificent , its texture allows filtering light without cover the outside view, often a nice garden.

I would like to share some shoots I tooke of my job , here in linen artisan atelier, and after how they look at home , here we go !

1/ making off :

2/ Finished at home , taking a picture:

In my bay window , shoot from outside front house.

 Detail , please take note that is the reverse side of the curtain , but still a clean work to show :-)

3/ At customer window , hanging at home :

It is a bad picture, I know, it is during the night , but actually can be seen how nice they are together , isn't it ?

When I ask to my clients to take a shoot at home, I'm not asking for the best one, otherwise they will not sent a picture .It is all right  if they want to share with me the good experience :-)

If what customer wants is Linen and lace , not problem at all, I have a wide variety of designs I can make for you , the only I need is time,  all my job it is handmade, as shown above picture.
An example could be :

Maria just sent to me this picture from linenartisan curtain at her home ...isn't it nice ?
Also I want to Post  a picture same piece to see better all details :

Happy sewing week to you all ! if you are not a fan of sewing, that is why some of you need me :-)) Don't hesitate to ask me , here my shop: http://linenartisan.Etsy.com
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