Stories from Africa : Quilting Hippo and Lion

Hi all. Here something I promise long time ago, promised to share my experiences about my first Applique , I mean my first choice on decided what technique, (it is crazy to learn every chance ) my first choice on going for an African look, only made an approach with small quilt.

My friend Althea, is originally from South-Africa, she ask me for animals cushions with applique, she show me some ideas , but after all I had to do with colours giving life to shapes , How come ? How can you give life to an Hippo with fabrics ?  limited if would be grey, isn't it?
And what about a Lion? How can I do to give him personality and relevance ?

Althea (Larry , her husband)  and myself , we are happy enough with results , never counted time on do it , cause I was excited starting a new challenger and pleasured playing with all those Batik fabrics, my first time too on use them !!
Here , as usuall, no exactly a TUTO but and idea HOW was done :

1- FIRST of all , designing and making an sketch : 'The Lion's head'

2- Building pieces and giving a number to each one , cutting them:

3- Assembling and Piecing with Batick fabrics : sticky fabrics.

I wanted to do it with Bondaweb, actually is a material's glue, it is web's glue mounted on paper (as white tracing paper)
Drawn your design to tracing paper for reversing the piece .. keep in mind you want at the end
a glue piece fabric on a background in the same way was created  but STICKY.
When Ironing facing web onto fabric's back (heat over the paper) allows you to glue web on fabric, neat no stain, you will get stronger fabric in order to cut all that smalls intricate shapes .

Next I did was peeling paper , you will have sticky fabrics (at the back) to place fabric in your background, first step is done ! In my case was coulored head lion on  white background.

Now you will get temporary fix it on place for sewing a blanket stitch , zig-zag or whatever choice to finish design , ......hope will be understandable  :-)

Keep in mind that being Batik fabric, back and face are the same , for beginners is quite helpful .

Here a image about reversing, could be easier to understand (good images helps more than explanations :-))

drawn reverse scraps , 'mirror effect'

Here I show you drawn pieces number 6 & 7 transported to mirror effect onto Bondadweb

  Right ? Easy ! How to do it ?  cheaper in a glass window :-))

4- Time to put in order : from A to B 

To get from A to B , you will need to make prior step : reverse your pieces drawn onto Bondaweb's paper and when cutting,  ironing onto fabric .

And...Voila ! the result is quite happy in my first experience ...I do my best

 Quilting the background with FMQ, no the Lion's head which has been done :blanket stitch

Same was with ' My blue Hippo'  (giggles)

I made same technique an Hippo..very funny , isn't it? I like how it looks stylized drawn:
my Blue Hippo

And meanwhile they were done, I finished those ones...
Althea wanted 2 more 'Friends from Africa', happy to make them !  Take a look

Each black is an strip  ... amazing !

I find the Elephant it looks like a puppy Elephnat ..isn't it ?

Hope you comment and tell me what do you think about explanations and result as you know in the internet is full of Applique tutorials but... I wanted to share with you all the amazing adventure of beginners ..

Happy sewing week my friends !

'See' you soon in that 'Ship's logbook ' .............LOL