My Quilts

All my quilts are pieced and quilted in a domestic sewing machine , the most important to me : learn and enjoy do it ! Hope you like them .

1- My first , something small , rectangles patch baby quilt or baby nappy changer:

                                 Baby changer and pillow cover matching with a lamp

2-  My First big one := that I called: St Patrick quil is for a nice Irish guy ...Jaume


3- Moda Fabrics , I like that prints fabrics and colours !

Double slice Layer cake pattern ... funny!

 4-  Tiffany Quilt  , Moda Fabrics again :

 Nicely FMQ meandering and enhancing HST

5-  Now....something bright , Stars quilt !

                    Making sandwich  :-))   and tara !!!!!


6- So much fun doing that pattern Twist Pinwheels finished and quilted  Wall tapestry :

                                                           Twist pinwheels
Backing made with linen fabric natural (taupe) colour

7- Vintage look table runner :


8- More French Gral fabrics ...I love that prints , pinwhels souranded with Irish chain:
 Belle Fleur Quilt

                    FMQ meandering

   So charm for a cold winter

 Backing is a blanket it self ..let me say reversible ...double-sided

    Close up of the Flowers detail  quilted ..     

9- Free design enjoying red colour prints and combining them, French inspired,
     this is the real Linen artisan style  quilts , also made with ticking mattress fabrics                             

     As a coverlet to enhance sofa adding charm and colour to you living room ..

10-  Wall hanging French Flowers or lap quilt, I really enjoyed doing that quilt,playing with              flowers made combining several layers each one...isn't it funny !!

 close up ...quilted with flowers too

    Backing made with vintage prints and guterman cottons

    Afternoon tea time  :-))

11- Pinwheels Chantilly Quilt  and FMQ technique with tissue paper as a template to quilt over       it , always learning

                   Pinwheel closeup

  Tissue paper quilting technique

    Closeup binding quilting technique using tissue paper to mark the way sewing machine woks

                      Pinwheels Chantilly Quilt

     12- Amazing Denim Quilt .. catedral windows pattern

  Front detail cathedral window , with frayed finished denim

    Closeup detail of 'catedral window' at the back !

   13- Wall hanging Kaleidoscope , backing is all white  with a touch of colour , I like how it   comes up !

 Very proud of me, if I can say, with the FMQin this quilt , it was amazing !Feathers and meandering

                 Nice back quilted

14- Made to order , cute teddies ! I appreciate my customer John from CA his confidence in my craftsmanship... 

It was made by order, so you can see how I was making the layout ... much more time consuming if you want a nice job ... at the end it was nice and cute ... I really enjoy doing this one

  A cushion using the left over fabrics ..a give for a special customer ..more to thanks to him !!

Sere here how was made 

16- Pinwheel cushion ..I love how that one it turned out !


      Closeup pinwheel detail

   Finished cord all around the cushion

   17- Embossed   quilted cushion...I really love tho do so , I have to repeat , it was nicely finished ..see details of covered buttons

  Backing is linen natural colour combining print fabric , same as face
Et voila !!!!!!!!!

18-  Quilted king size Lila Plum sweet Quilt , my first time for scalloped edges binding... 

                  For quilting : stitch in the ditch technique plus meandering on the binding

                                 I love to do scalloped in this Lila Plum sweet Quilt 

 19- This is the partner of the pinwheels cushion ..matching colour and size but other pattern 

19- Baskets quilt wall hanging :

  Back is amazing it seems letters but it is not !  :-)) blue pale background

  Baskets in tossed charm pack , lovely flowers , I like so much colours as a wall hanging ..enhancing any room at home

blue-grey background and binding ...

  20- Repeating binding scalloped edges for that table runner made with peel orange pattern

  Yellow pale binding
21-  The most inspiring and motivating for me the bed of my granddaughter the first before birth and I hope with a quilt

      Lap quilt and  cradle protector : Made for my pretty grand-daughter

LOVE MY GINA'S CRADLE  !!  we are excited to wait for you my love.
Little angel Gina

22- One of my favourite since I saw it ! It is my first project with a PDF pattern guideline
                                                         Red stars Quilt  

As a border Irish chain
23-  Called 'Diamonds in red' is one of my favourites because is designed by me , free matching red fabrics French inspired , as was pieced made the mattress with patches ticking stripes ,print flowers in either Linen and cotton in this case

24- Snowballs with scraps I have leftover from RED STARS queen quilt , and I made this quilted placemat ..isn't it pretty ?


     All made in cotton for my little 'angel Gina'.

25- Queen Size : ' Embossed Pinwheels grandma Quilt' debuting my new rol :-))

All triangles are embossed, I folded a sq. instead making a HST and I got raised triang.
amazing in't it?! Design by me , you can find the Tuto in the Tutorials section , here in my blog

Please, take a look to the triangles detail !

Meandering Free motion quilt without stitch pressing the embossed triangles :-))

24- Cushion mattress in linen, something small to decorated our living room, porch,bench ..etc

25- ..small too this transfer on linen cutlery holder , a cute way to highlight our celebrations !!

In taupe linen colour, natural linen colour, or in Ivory colour

25- These pouffes are really linen artisan style, from my book  ' sew on linen '
stars with scraps and second one in reds French inspired print colours

27- My last one Hydraulic Tiles


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