Treat yourself / Caprichos para regalar :

Esta ha sido mi interpretacion de un Puff marroqui que tenia en un libro mio de cabecera  que al verlo en la pagina de una quilter que yo soy seguidora me anim'o a hacerlo en un plis plas..
Le llame 'Body and Soul'..tiene fuerza pero es blandito para acurrucarse en 'el..
Aunque soy nueva en el quilt ..me gusta encontrar mi propio camino y le di el aire franc'es que me gusta en mis proyectos.

This cushion I got the tutorial in a quilter blog that I'm following 'Cluck Cluck sew' but was already in my handbook : 'Linen Crafts ' by Florence Le Moux .
I like make it in my own way..always giving a French look with red fabrics....'Linen artisan style'.
I called 'body and soul' ,I think is a kind of cushion which one wants to curl up and lay his head ..isn't it? It is soft and strong at same time , quilted and reinforced at the bottom with strong interface. Has stitches in both sides seam allowance to stabilizer...
This cushion remember me  the pouffe-cushions  from India and Morocco to seat in the floor.

Measures 15" length diameter and you can find tutorial HERE

In your garden 

Comfortable to take away !

Indoors ...

Linen French Style 

No pude hacer solo uno..me atrev'i con un estilo Naif , con pieced paper le hice una strella llena de colores , me encanta esta tecnica que he hecho otras veces en blocs cuadrados.

I couldn't make only one..I try with a coloured one 'Naif style', it is made with ' paper foundation' technique with fabric scraps for the star quilted on the top cushion .I like very much this technique ..I do use others patch blocks in square shape..sewing random stripes fabrics 

Here is the result !

Detalle de la estrella

Trasera y lateral

Facil de llevar !

Espero sea de inter'es..Os deseo de todo coraz'on: 
Feliz Navidad en colores / from the botton of my heart: ..Merry Christmas in colours !!

Nos vemos pronto por aqui  / See you soon !


Drawn thread embroidery...Mas Vainicas !

Acabo de terminar , en esta ocasi'on con un look Vintage  y  esta cortina ya tiene su casa esperandola.

I finished it a while ago. I had been sewing it for days, but I like the result...actually, now is in its way !
Here we are!

La trasera del bordado importa, es importante un trabajo limpio cuando se trata de cortinas , colgadas tras el cristal , desde el otro lado puede verse un reverso que nada tiene que envidiar la cara principal de la misma...

It is very important to choose the correct stitch and sew neat , because wrong side of the curtain should looks like the right side..hanging curtain ,throw the glass , can be seen as right side and has to look nice , even against the light can be seen.

Here is the wrong side of the curtain (at your left side!)

Espero que sea de vuestro interes...Hope you like it !
Os deseo a todos Felices Navidades...I wish you all ...Merry  Christmas  !

  Many thanks to be here.........See you before New Year Eve !! 


Tutorial Drawn Thread work / TUTORIAL Vainicas en cortinas

Espero que pueda interesar ..valoramos mas lo que desconocemos ( o lo ignoramos) de hecho todo son conocimientos de una tecnica aprendida y como la aplicamos...Hace anos descubri el Lino y cada dia sigo aprendiendo con 'el. 

I hope could be interesting. I think ,in general speaking, we value much more what we don't know, to learn technique and a few skills to apply it is in fact the only one secret , but much more important is motivation .  
I confess every day I'm learning running with linen.

From NY , a very nice customer brings to me the opportunity to make a new challenger hemstitched and embroidered curtain being that try never repeat them ! For that reason is a new challenger to me.

Let me show you a few steps how make 3 curtains in the same measure for the same window ,3 panels, I will explain you one of them :

Important here is the finishing  bottom of curtain...that is the Tutorial , STAND OUT finishing :

 1- Drawn in a paper the pattern , in this case a point in the centre.

 2- Mark ironing the centre of fabric , you will need double fabric for that .

3- Done

4- Place pattern paper under fabric, keep in mind 1/4 " seam allowance 

 5- You will use : dressmaker's chalk, do not tighten  and pin  fabric 

6- Done !

 7- You will cut and sew  ...mind seam allowance , 1/4 "

8- Cut done and stitched up !

9- After sewed... turn it up

10- You will need to cut what is left over ...and make ready for a hemstitch on it.

11- Allow and mark 1 and 1/2 " (3,8 cm / 4 cm)

12- Pulling threads (see HERE  for more explanation ) taking away weave threads .we get to see  threads to make hemstitch (weave = warp and weft = rows and columns )

13- Starting with hemstitch in between both faces of linen fabric at bottom curtain.

Face to face starting hems 
 14- going on 

15- Marking centre and finding hems for both sides of curtain.

 16- Left side 
 17- right side...

And Voila..curtains finished !

 Hanging at customer home ...( This is the 'After' looks window) 

This was windows 'Before'  Linen curtains came home.

After many stitches ....you get this lovely panel curtain...20 x 43 "  HERE a picture of little one 

There are gorgeous hanging at the same window with three frames ,no need gathered curtains at sides and decorated for themselves !

HERE   is the link where you find curtain in the shop 


BBS...is for : Been Busy Stitching ...

If you are new here because you discovered me recently,  you  are welcome! 
I’m happy to see you  !
If you’re following  me ,  I’m so glad you come back !
I have lot of fun to show you today...I'm really happy to share with you the novelties...
I have been so busy lately making Christmas Stocking, my first time ,and was excited doing them.
An order comes to me from CA..it is a return customer who likes my craftsmanship and I'm very grateful to be able to do my best for him...

Let's go to show you what I mean...what do you think?

Its 18" tall and 8" width  (above ) but its possible to fold the top to make them smaller and cute so they are open as a shirt...Can you see it ?

All of them, 10 stockings, are absolutely different, no one will have the same, and has his own Christmas tny decoration : bells, hearts, Santa , ...so cute, isn't it ?

each lined ...

I hope could be interesting for you , you do not need pattern...you know well... just playing  with  fabrics and tiny details that make it different stitched on them ! do you?

By the way....a Christmas Carol..one of my favorite....HERE 

Have fun, and don't be shy ..do a comment , I want to hear from you .

Tengo un nuevo ordenador ..he de adaptar elteclado al espanyol...disculpad !!proxima entrada con acentos y con la "ny"..lo prometo !!


Terminado...1,2,3,salvada ! / At last ...Finished !!

Si os acordais de ESTA  entrada , os enseñaba los principos de la colcha mas grande que he hecho hasta ahora, empecé con Pinwheels y plasmé en fotos mis dudas ...como siempre, al respecto de las combinaciones de 'claros y oscuros' , pinwheels enmarcados ? o pinwheels con otras figuras ? y me decidí por una cadena Irlandesa a dos filas alrededor..pero mejor lo veis...
Está hecho sobre la marcha, por mis dudas, y por la impaciencia , ya que no me gusta tener  nada a medio terminar ..no puedo !! lo intento pero quito horas de donde sea ...claro que una ventaja es que no tenemos TV y no puedo engancharme a ella...je je ole , ole !! 

Do you remember THIS post a few days ago ? I had showed you the quilt bigger I ever made.I started with the pinwheels and doubts started as well..as usual ! Should I make them together or  better can be sashed ? 
I begun with 2 kind of different blocks...and at last I made a photo with the final decision :   6 pinwheels blocks sewn together and a ' Irish Chain ' in 2 row all around  to finish best and add brightness  , it has a 15 cm /6 " deep sash in match colour from French General Rouenneries,  for that reason is pieced 'as you go' 

La parte mas dificil de todo el proceso como os podeis imaginar...es como acolchar a la vez que tienes una pieza de 150 cm por 180 cm entre manos...un locura con mi máquina que desde luego, no es una Bernina , una especie de Mercedes Benz del acolchado ...yo me quedé con el Seat 600....Lol 
Aunque lo mas moleto resulto ser atacar los hilos..pues no ha sido un FM seguido ..en cada cuadro hay una flor, en otros hay cruces o distintos dibujos....uff.

I  found a 'few problems' after the top was put together when I realized that I had in my hands  60 by 70 inches Quilt and tried to put into my sewing machine to stitched and quilted....wow !! so difficult but at last mostly successful when  just  I notice , after a 2 days working hard, project had been finished !!
To tell you the true, that I find most annoying is to hide threads..uff !!

Here we go ...what do you think about ?? 

Ha quedado totalmente estilo Francés , ( las telas lo son) , pero lo que al principio me parecía un poco "desteñido"...al añadir la banda en color rojo-caldera , contrasta y mejora mucho el resultado...es lo que tiene el Patchwork...siempre trae sorpresa y casi siempre en positivo..luz y color pueden mejorar un diseño que empezó con muchas, muchas dudas...como siempre .

Finaly ..it is really Shabby chic style...lol! HERE ,in my store ,there are explanations

Hope you find interesting ...I have no pattern , is made all of it 'pieced and quilted as you go'...
I should learn  much more to project than to  jump...