Progress in the 'Grandma embossed Pinwheels '

Hello all !
A quick reminder what is going on at the 'Grandma embossed Pinwheels ' Tutorial,  quilt mentioned in my last post.
Although I'm doing 2 top quilts at a time , crazy yes ! and working in my customised linen curtains too, I like to change jobs when I'm working in my studio, too much time in the same intricate work it is a bit tired so, changing is stimulating for my (giggles)

My blog has been neglected for some reason I have explained last posting, now my family are on holidays  that gives it to me an extra time :-))

Some pictures of my recent advance  about bordering the Grandma quilt .
It will be ready for 'motion quilt' but thinking on NO covering what is the most important in that one : embossed pinwheels, I'm proud enough how it turned out ...
Let's say it is my own design, I respect so much my quilter's fellow from whom I'm learning , but I like to give a personal touch :-))
Here we are :

It will be a Queen size

I have to provider these fabrics from Etsy USA supplier, I found a good deal of 2 Yards of that nice print reds fabric, same range I used in the patchwork .I have ambitious plans on quilting that big size quilt ...
Hope will be interesting , let's see if the final job (Free motion quilt) it worth it !!


Grandma (embossed) Pinwheels Tutorial

It has been a long way since the last post in my blog. Lot of time without been in touch with my personal quilt, craft and hobby, one at a time ! Well, I mean , I was working, of course, but not posting and writing as much as I would .

First of all, after moving home, I stared an edible garden which makes me feel more than happy, as a vegetarian I like to take from my garden my dairy food : lettuce, rocket, mustard leaves , magetout , spinach
We have planted an apple and cherry tree, quercus, lot of flowers, climbing and rockery plants too. Our small garden it seems now much more green that was before..that's important to me.

But the  most important in our lives it has been the birth of Gina, Gina is a wonderful girl, nice and quiet (quite big now, after 2 months it seems to me LOL ) I went up and down, following her day by day, it seems so fragile when a baby is born !! Now she is on holidays , visiting the rest of the family :-))
I'm now coming back to my blog, I want to show you what is going on in my studio.
Work has been crazy lately, doing curtains and more curtains and I'm  feeling like I'm away on any update from my Etsy Irl Team, others teams at Etsy web, Blog readers, quilting ... etc etc . Even thought, we cannot be everywhere at once, can we ??

I will show you the process of the quilt I'm doing now. Quilting is the best way to keep creativity going.
I want to share my own design , probably is out there made by other quilter, but I wanted to made a 3D Half SquareTriangle (from now on HST ) in a Pinwheel pattern . I love Pinwheel, as shown in most of my Quilts, I made before a 3D Log cabin , I really enjoyed see here , in the Quilter nomenclature called as 'Prairie points ' .
Then instead to do a normal 'picket fence ' block, with 3 bars jelly roll which join them comes up a Pinwheel or Diamond in the centre , what I did was fold the square in a half and sew the entire fabric in HST shape
I have to face the bulk's fabric issue..but I think it worth it to try something different.
See here my trials and results , first I decided the block , after the 3D HST

This is the usual HST (picket fence ) in a 3 bars jelly roll to get a Diamond in the middle

join 4 blocks comes up a Diamond, as said  or  what I did was this one:

 the layout is a Pinwheel  after join 4 blocks the same:

But I wanted even more... make them on 3D , embossed HST and highlight pinwheels over all

Here mine, I used 'Le bouquet Francais ' fabric from Moda French General.

My trick to go faster: first of all
to sew all Jelly roll 3 strips, total width achieve is 6.5" then you will cut squares section of 6.5"

Once I have done, I sewed up triangles in its place.

Yes, of course, I have to undo
a bit for that, but it worth it !

Only for the seam allowance follow the line ! 

I used the plain colours of Jelly roll to make HST gathering Pinwheels

and some small red print also !

To put an example what I mean 3D, take a look to the scissors   ..got it?

Here, how I'm doing now the border using embossed HST too , the block is 4 x 2.5" sq with same 2.5" plain HST in the middle, will be join both sides of the quilt ..it seems Flying geese but also in 3D , take a look:

a row on both sides of the Quilt, sashed in red as following:

I will be post further how will be finished , I still have to decided it , at the moment measures are
50 " width by 60 " length , I want to add some more large

Hope will be interesting for you reader , if you have any question please feel free to leave a comment , delighted to know about you  :-))
Happy week !