Be open to whatever comes !!

Lately I have a customer in my Etsy shop that wants customized curtains. That's me , this is the most I like to do in my studio. She explained to me what she would like and was a feast to me thinking on it.
She wanted a curtain for another room, (she is a returning customer, in Atlanta ) she sent to me pictures of the window (as usual, I always ask for), she wanted this time red embroidery for the initials on off-white and dark linen combination for the panel .

Please do see what she got and how nice it is the personalised details I made for her.
The initials are : G + L in a Gothic design I have from my books . I really love the result , imagine in her place, at home it was a dark day, my shoots are no good , and I don't like to keep the curtains at home, I know my customers are excited to receive their purchase asap, and see them hanging at home . I'm really glad when they sent to me a shoot of the curtains hanging at home. many times they do !

Isn't it marvelous to have, not only a business contact but also complicity on doing something that 'both' likes, and I have to say that many, many times I get compliments that make my day !
This is what I'm working for ! I hear that many people have stress on Sunday night, you know what I mean !LOL It is not my case, many sundays I'm working at home , delighted to do that.

Here we go, bad shoots, but you can make an idea, in case you want a customized curtain that no one has the same ! ( in a World where all is standard and massive done ...)

 This is an complete image, well almost,  it has a rod pocket in dark linen too.

Detail of the monogram, French design with gothic initials ... I really like it !! happy to do it !

Bottom curtains with hemstitched  to enhance ending curtain.

And please, do see what Erica got in prior purchase, a meaningful design from linen artisan with their initial

I like my French diagram book for cross-stitch technique initials..Isn't it great !! the linked initials

Easy for me imagine them hanging in place, take a look ...

Thanks to Erica for the opportunity to dress 2 rooms in their home . This is my saying:  ' to dress a window is to dress a room' , although their house is beautiful !!

This was the first time I made a design in one curtain that it was made several times in a cushion ... (giggles) Be open to whatever comes !!

Please take a look to my helper ... isn't it funny ! I work while she sleeps :-)

Have a great week ! and thanks for your interest in my craft