Be open to whatever comes !!

Lately I have a customer in my Etsy shop that wants customized curtains. That's me , this is the most I like to do in my studio. She explained to me what she would like and was a feast to me thinking on it.
She wanted a curtain for another room, (she is a returning customer, in Atlanta ) she sent to me pictures of the window (as usual, I always ask for), she wanted this time red embroidery for the initials on off-white and dark linen combination for the panel .

Please do see what she got and how nice it is the personalised details I made for her.
The initials are : G + L in a Gothic design I have from my books . I really love the result , imagine in her place, at home it was a dark day, my shoots are no good , and I don't like to keep the curtains at home, I know my customers are excited to receive their purchase asap, and see them hanging at home . I'm really glad when they sent to me a shoot of the curtains hanging at home. many times they do !

Isn't it marvelous to have, not only a business contact but also complicity on doing something that 'both' likes, and I have to say that many, many times I get compliments that make my day !
This is what I'm working for ! I hear that many people have stress on Sunday night, you know what I mean !LOL It is not my case, many sundays I'm working at home , delighted to do that.

Here we go, bad shoots, but you can make an idea, in case you want a customized curtain that no one has the same ! ( in a World where all is standard and massive done ...)

 This is an complete image, well almost,  it has a rod pocket in dark linen too.

Detail of the monogram, French design with gothic initials ... I really like it !! happy to do it !

Bottom curtains with hemstitched  to enhance ending curtain.

And please, do see what Erica got in prior purchase, a meaningful design from linen artisan with their initial

I like my French diagram book for cross-stitch technique initials..Isn't it great !! the linked initials

Easy for me imagine them hanging in place, take a look ...

Thanks to Erica for the opportunity to dress 2 rooms in their home . This is my saying:  ' to dress a window is to dress a room' , although their house is beautiful !!

This was the first time I made a design in one curtain that it was made several times in a cushion ... (giggles) Be open to whatever comes !!

Please take a look to my helper ... isn't it funny ! I work while she sleeps :-)

Have a great week ! and thanks for your interest in my craft


Finished ' Magic Squares' ..

Hi there, a lot of pending information here , which I'm busy lately and I cannot post as much as I wanted, a pity because if I'm posting starting some quilts , and of course, the finish should be shown  , it makes sense  !!,  For instance, I would like post now, what happened when I was finished my last one ... the 'Magic squares ' , it was finished as a decorated bottom bedspread...
also if there is a log table, rustic wood table, can be as a Table topper  or can be hang as a Wall tapestry in a landing , up the stairs.. why not??
Here you can find how was started as a Tutorial 'Assembling Magic Squares'
My pictures are taken as a bedspread , I always wanted one of this

This is a Queen bed ..

As you see measurements is for complete a 4.7 ft / 5 ft , the Quilt sides will match the bed sides

Isn't it nice and charm ?! I like the look , rustic and cottage decor !

Much to do and catch up !! :-))

In case you lost how Magic Squares started see here 

Happy week to you all !


All about Reclaimed furnitures, Recycled clothes ..

Today's post is about Reclaimed.
I like distressed , I like the mark of ages,  simulated the pass of time in any furniture I get , but also, as a 'fabricaholic', I like to give new chance to those fabric I get at anyplace ...sometimes, I saw in a Ric-Rac a piece of fabric, or a ready-made cloth and suddenly I see what could be at home ! That happends to me when I saw this apron...I imagined this print fabric in my reclaimed studio chair..
Take a look , never neglect what a piece of cloth could be ,

1/  The white lucky Chair :

This chair was abandoned in the attic, dark and dirty, I love now. It is made with an apron :-)
The apron was quilted and the roint flowers match perfectly with my furniture at home.

Here Before !

Makeover ...

Here now !

I'm happy enough to have at home bright and clean 'old ' furniture :-))

2/ The Little armchair:

This armchair was lost in a second hand furniture, price was very cheap , matching with my bedroom's  wardrobe, I gave it a chance with an old velvet dress (dark green) for the backrest,
and for the seat fabric from an old cushion  :-) No bad , isn't it???

But I wanted, a few days ago, make it all the same look ,

I wanted to take advantage of leftover in my stash .

Hope that can be inspiring for you.. never be afraid , give it a try , practice , practice and practice, you will find your own style !!

Happy week you all ! I hope to meet you soon here, with new ideas to 'practice'   LOL


Spring is coming , let's dress windows !

I haven't post since ages . I miss already as a blogger to be in touch with what is going with my colleagues and explain with pictures what is new in my studio 'taller de lino'.
Linen is my passion , and I know, when my customer receive any curtain at home, they are surprise how nice it is hanging in place, buying by internet has sometimes a bad surprise, not only about colours but also about measures .
In my case, honestly I have to say, is just the opposite , they leave a review sharing the nice experience to have at home Irish linen curtains enhancing windows , whenever they are living, the enjoy the new look of their windows .
From small windows measures for a cottage or big size for a Sash windows in town houses, linen curtains with drawn-work never disappoint , in a Bay window looks gorgeous , but also it is so nice when is small and cute , make by measure , by hand, with care and only for you, those curtains highlight any room ,because the light throw the linen is magnificent , its texture allows filtering light without cover the outside view, often a nice garden.

I would like to share some shoots I tooke of my job , here in linen artisan atelier, and after how they look at home , here we go !

1/ making off :

2/ Finished at home , taking a picture:

In my bay window , shoot from outside front house.

 Detail , please take note that is the reverse side of the curtain , but still a clean work to show :-)

3/ At customer window , hanging at home :

It is a bad picture, I know, it is during the night , but actually can be seen how nice they are together , isn't it ?

When I ask to my clients to take a shoot at home, I'm not asking for the best one, otherwise they will not sent a picture .It is all right  if they want to share with me the good experience :-)

If what customer wants is Linen and lace , not problem at all, I have a wide variety of designs I can make for you , the only I need is time,  all my job it is handmade, as shown above picture.
An example could be :

Maria just sent to me this picture from linenartisan curtain at her home ...isn't it nice ?
Also I want to Post  a picture same piece to see better all details :

Happy sewing week to you all ! if you are not a fan of sewing, that is why some of you need me :-)) Don't hesitate to ask me , here my shop: http://linenartisan.Etsy.com
Keep in touch 


My Angel wolf Cendra passed away this morning

You might think that I haven't been here for ages to explain something about my stitches.
Today is not about sewing but about life, about love for those little sweethearts (4 paws)who always lived with me at home, one of them has left me today, Cendra, she lies in the land of the garden of my best friends .
I will always love her, I will always remember her elegance and smart look , as a husky she never barked , but her eyes spoke to me in different ways for what she wanted.
I feel a great void and some consolation because the end was peaceful ,
I feel so sad and tired,
dogs are like sons or daughters that do not survive us,
that is the hardest part to live with my best friends dogs..

I always will love you Cendra , you are in my mind with : Nord, Ros, Nina, and all those whom I have the joy to love .

 White eyelashes, clear look

She liked to bask in the Sun
Kitchen was her favourite room

Rest In Peace my love .
Tina is also asking for you