Tutorial Drawn Thread work / TUTORIAL Vainicas en cortinas

Espero que pueda interesar ..valoramos mas lo que desconocemos ( o lo ignoramos) de hecho todo son conocimientos de una tecnica aprendida y como la aplicamos...Hace anos descubri el Lino y cada dia sigo aprendiendo con 'el. 

I hope could be interesting. I think ,in general speaking, we value much more what we don't know, to learn technique and a few skills to apply it is in fact the only one secret , but much more important is motivation .  
I confess every day I'm learning running with linen.

From NY , a very nice customer brings to me the opportunity to make a new challenger hemstitched and embroidered curtain being that try never repeat them ! For that reason is a new challenger to me.

Let me show you a few steps how make 3 curtains in the same measure for the same window ,3 panels, I will explain you one of them :

Important here is the finishing  bottom of curtain...that is the Tutorial , STAND OUT finishing :

 1- Drawn in a paper the pattern , in this case a point in the centre.

 2- Mark ironing the centre of fabric , you will need double fabric for that .

3- Done

4- Place pattern paper under fabric, keep in mind 1/4 " seam allowance 

 5- You will use : dressmaker's chalk, do not tighten  and pin  fabric 

6- Done !

 7- You will cut and sew  ...mind seam allowance , 1/4 "

8- Cut done and stitched up !

9- After sewed... turn it up

10- You will need to cut what is left over ...and make ready for a hemstitch on it.

11- Allow and mark 1 and 1/2 " (3,8 cm / 4 cm)

12- Pulling threads (see HERE  for more explanation ) taking away weave threads .we get to see  threads to make hemstitch (weave = warp and weft = rows and columns )

13- Starting with hemstitch in between both faces of linen fabric at bottom curtain.

Face to face starting hems 
 14- going on 

15- Marking centre and finding hems for both sides of curtain.

 16- Left side 
 17- right side...

And Voila..curtains finished !

 Hanging at customer home ...( This is the 'After' looks window) 

This was windows 'Before'  Linen curtains came home.

After many stitches ....you get this lovely panel curtain...20 x 43 "  HERE a picture of little one 

There are gorgeous hanging at the same window with three frames ,no need gathered curtains at sides and decorated for themselves !

HERE   is the link where you find curtain in the shop 

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