Top Finished ,upcoming project FMQ

Just in case you miss how Top pinwheels was made here  you can take an idea , although in the web you can find lots of tutorials like Jenny from the Missouri StarQuilt Co.as I said in last post.

The Top is ready to be a part of a sandwich (and be eaten lol)  I have to deciced yet what backing will be fine and how to Quilt to avoid be spoiled , because I was conscious at every stitch , doing my best..
I'm afraid how to finish that project...too much white on it , is for that I tell myself  'Upcoming project' ,in itself it is .
Some fun but at same time lot of work to decide about it.

Por si os habeis perdido el principio de esta entrada lo encontrais aqui en las explicacones de conmo lo empece' , aunque el tutorial se encuentra en la red , yo soy seguidora de Jenny, de Missouri Star quilt Company de donde saque las medidas.

El sobre esta terminado y preparado para el sandwich ...au'n tengo que decidir que trasera poner y el acolchado que le va a ir mejor ..dentro de mis posibilidades, no quiero estropear un principio que fue hecho a toda conciencia., por eso lo he llamado: mi pro'ximo proyecto en si mismo...trabajar con blancos me merece mucho respeto.

I chose  that pattern to layout , diamonds shape, I had this clear from the beginning.
Desde el principio tuve claro disponerlo en rombos.

Border is same colour that finished the square top ..allows more breaddth and makes it bigger.
I used only one charm pack.
El mismo color en los triangulos que finalizan el rectangulo los uso para el dorde que le dan mas respiro...y lo hace mayor, ya que solo he usado 1 charm pack.

Parece un verde muy verde..pero es un estampado de pequenios topitos rosas en fondo verde.
It seems all green border but is a beautiful green dots.

More will following !...seguiremos con mas azanias ...

Feliz semana 

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  1. that dainty rose print on the beautiful Spring green reminds me of the lovely dresses my Mum used to make for us when we were small. A very nostalgic print.

    1. Yes ..is a bit vintage isn't it ?!
      I really like those prints , the pic fails..is much more nice in hand .


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