NOT only about PATCH and QUILT but Also LINEN

Not only about patch and quilt are my sewing days, also I have been busy with my Linen, my other passion. Linen is for me a blank canvas where I can turn it on into a beauty. I mean, when piecing with fabrics.. the way you combine, are by itself a wonderful project..such combination, such fabrics..such result , is a guarantee,  you might like more or less, but a white Linen fabric...you may be very smart about what you are doing..
I confess however, that making drawn-work embroidery is such beautiful and amazing result.

I'm so thrilled because I had commissioned project ,designed in between customers and I.
They contact me and ask for advice , that is great for me ..absolutely customized project in a World that you can find almost all Ready-made is a privilege, make a project for those who value and appreciate a handmade-bespoken project.
Also is a project thinking on them and their needs, far away from massive and standard items.
Many of you that are reading this post, you know what It means..isn't it!


En este blog no solo encontrais mis trabajos en Patch and Quilt, tambien  lo que me mantiene ocupada muchas veces es el "Blanco como un lienzo " del tejido de lino. Cuando se trabajan las telas del patch y sus colores, siendo en si mismo un hermoso projecto donde mostrar tus habilidades en combinar formas y colores, hay una garantia de resultado, te gustara mas o menos..pero es en si agradecido. Con el Blanco del Lino tienes un reto, aunque confieso que el trabajo de vainicas lo realza casi-todo.

Estoy contenta por algunos trabajos de encargo, donde la cliente y yo acordamos el disenio, les gusta que les recomiende el projecto final adaptado a sus ventanas. Creo que en la era del consumo masivo, esto es un privilegio.
Muchas de vosotras sabeis a que me refiero !

Sin mas preambulos espero que os guste.
Estoy preparando un tutorial / I'm doing a Tutorial about it ...hope finished soon !

1/ Blind  Linen curtain with embroidered (cross stitch) flowers/ Estor manual,estilo Taller-Lino
    I used a magnifying glass because is tight woven and a medium-weight linen/ He de usar lupa

Windows sketch 

Window to fit 
Flower detail 
2/ Blind Linen with embroidery cross sticth fleur de Lys :

Backlighting / a contraluz 

Detail of embroidery Fleur Lys
In the garden ...not the best place !

3/ Drawn-thread-work curtains on Linen/ Vainicas en visillo de Lino.

In the garden 

Backlighting/ a contraluz 

For this window /su destino final :-))

I'm excited to receive pictures from all them at home....I will get in touch with you to show it!
Ilusionada por recibir pronto las fotos en sus ventanas !

Espero sea de vuestro interes..feliz semana
I hope it would be interesting ...thanks for stopping by ! happy week :-))

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  1. Anónimo7/24/2014

    Translucent curtains make good neighbours while welcoming light...!!

  2. I love these so much...especially the one with the drawn-thread work, though I'm impressed with your neat embroidery too Marga.

  3. There is something very special about these linen curtains, love them!

    1. Many thanks Liga...I love too ! it keeps white and bright light into the room !


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