Quilt Dutch Tiles block ...

More than 1 year without visiting and posting my blog...oh Gosh, time flies by!!
So, trying now figure out how does it works.... (giggles) I would say I forgot it !!

I want to show and share with mad sew people that can be interested my last quilt .
It is a quilt made with applique technique 'fusible web ' , I bought the book from 'Corey Yoder Playful petals ' book ...
I felt in love with one quilt pattern called 'Sunshine and clouds', so mine is a variety of what is shown in the book , I added binding and is largest . I used 'Dutch garden Cornerstone fabric collection ' ,vivid yellow and blue colours that gives the layout tiles, at less it seems to me so ! So I called Dutch Tiles Quilt, here there is the final result .
I will post the link in case an intermediate quilter wants to know how was made, it is not a tutorial but you can make it an idea ...so, enjoy the view!


Have a nice weekend !! happy sewing winter room :-))

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