Creative partner for linen / Creatividad en Lino

Creative partner for magnificent linen fabric, that is 'Linen workshop', Spanish called Taller del Lino.
I always explain that all begins when I visited a Linen factory, I fell in Love. Since I'm a fan of vegetable fibre, loving animals and environment , I discovered a new passion, to make my own housewares in the way the  heirloom are , and my hobby become my little business .

Committed with this label...guarantee of quality ' Master of Linen'  EU trade and traceability ,
according to the European values from yarn (raw material) to wave (natural fibre) with strict quality standards, environmentally friendly and sustainable crops...

Please, for more information visit the website  Club Master of Linen , you will get much more information about European Linen Flax.

What inspires me  from a gentle gift of Nature !
As I said, I do love Vintage heritage, timeless treasures on Linen fabrics...

From my  favourite French Magazines 

Could be done in my Studio

Handmade Antique crocheted lace and my cross-stitch on Linen,my tools !

All starts pulling threads...

Gathering threads

And voila ! the drawn thread embroidery embellishes any houseware.

In this case my last project.. valances to decorate top windows.

Embroidery on top valance...unique and bespoken project

Backing should be an accurate work..could be seen from street
Linen artisan's project...embroidered linen blind lined 

As you probably know, I'm lost on projects in mind at a same time, as you do if you are sewing lover and fabricholic as I am..., working on that and thinking what is coming next...Am I right ?

Could you imagine me sitting in that chair ?  ..you could !

Find me sitting and sewing mostly of the time , the rest, if it is a sunny day, sitting and sewing outdoors   :-))
Let's get more cheerful ! let's get a stitched week !

By the way...strongly recommend go into my 'caring linen' section in case you are afraid using linen fabric... here is the link as well
I will 'see you soon' ...

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  1. Anónimo9/06/2014

    Craft is GEOMETRY...

    1. Well..in some cases yes ..when doing patch-work , it is ! LOL angles, triangles and straight lines ...

  2. I just love that stitch work. Adoring those blinds!


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