Precious scraps ? never mind ! / Usando valuosos retales

You can always use those leftover trimmed at the back of your last quilt..  mine were created after finished the big star block , making 'flying geese' , here if you missed the post.
I had a pile of triangles , same size ( more or less) for that reason was a bit intricate to match all those Pinwheels that come up in a pattern that I found in Jenny company , from Missouri Star Quilt Co. called 'Pinwheels snowballs' , as I said several times, I'm a fan of  that amazing woman. 
I know is not the best way to make perfect Pinwheels , this would probably be much easier, but is worth it if you like to use all of that 'waste' ...
Nunca tiro los valuosos restos de cortar los 'flying geese , por ejemplo, del ultimo quilt. Aqui el post.
He amontonado una pila de triangulos que , segun un nuevo tutorial de Jenny a cerca de 'Pinwheels Snowball' he podido hacer para los blocks de mi ultimo proyecto:  un pequenio individual, o centro de mesa, segun convenga. Se que no es la mejor manera de hacer 'molinillos' (sus astas) pero vale la pena si os gusta usar esos 'preciosos retales' , os dejo el enlace de M.S.Q.Co si quereis partir de '0'.
Os dejo con las fotos y ya me dires que os parece...

Feliz semana de costuras !  /   Happy sewing week !!

same was trimmed , face to face 

tons of HST

in a chain 

open up 

matching points for a nice centre

Centre is fine 
I'm using white triangles ..of course I do !

I know should be made with sq...but I have lots of white triangles too...
marking with a pen 

sewing as usual

open up ironing 

 Voila ...
Before to make the sandwich 

Comparing with the try and mug 

 I think is perfect over a rustic wood furniture ..or a distressed table too :-))

You can find it here in my shop 

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  1. Anónimo10/01/2014

    Matching colours & scraps seems so difficult...

  2. ¡Tu eres de las mías!, yo tampoco tiro “na” de “na” y viendo el resultado que te han dado esos retales… ¡a ver quién es el guapo que dice que eso era para tirar!


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