Tutorial 'orange peel'

If I do say so myself , I like how the Southern light invades everywhere and comes full of charm
That seems to me when in my mind I'm thinking on Mediterranean sunlight covering vineyards, warm colours ,orange and red sky , it makes unique landscape .

I love so much the Winter too, yes I do, I like when cold mornings are grey-blue, not red but special light atmosphere  makes an enjoyable day to me and invites me to be warm at home .
And I love, the comings days , the Christmas holidays , the fireplace lighting the room... I remember my childhood at this time

But, what I want to share today, is my last quilt that have been busy making a new process (for me) sewing semicircles... (it make sense for you? ) As a beginner it takes me a lot of patience !

I think is a kind of 'lost-Summer-days' project, I wonder, why instead make a Christmas one I do prefer make a table toper full of bright and colour as a Summer Sunny days ?
The answer maybe is that I find Christmas time ephemeral , flies by ! and always was for me, maybe my effort, requires a project for the whole year...LOL

I want to share not all the tutorial (as usual) because I will let you know the original link later on , but I will explain how I do 'step by step' the 'new process' in my case.
Shoots of the complete quilt (at the end) are made in a winter day, it was foggy, sorry about that.

Here we go :

1- TEMPLATE  that I made, as usual, with cardboard (giggles !)



4- Cutting fabrics , in my case is a block with prints on a white background

5- MARKING the centre is important AC- BC

6- Show goes on ! PROCEDURE :

7- HERE WHAT YOU SEE at the back , is NOT AN APPLIQUE ...it will be a 'leaf over a white square '  (sewing them together )

       right side.... the 1/2 job is done

AND.....STARTING AGAIN  ( first point above  in order to make a complete block )


lay out as a circle or as a 'butterflies, it seems also to me  .. as you want !


Finished as a Table topper with scalloped edges ...I find it worth all that work LOL

Quilted with Free Motion meandering , smalls at centre piece and largest around the binding

In a foggy day ...almost snowing ,  all my garden was frozen !

Hope it would be interesting for you, ask me whatever you need or comment, it feeds my soul :D   I will 'see you' next post...have a nice week .

Ah !  HERE you can see my inspiration , an expert and talented quilter , thanks to her and her explanations  , abailable in PDF.

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  1. Anónimo11/29/2014

    Pure poetry, both at written level plus sewing one...

  2. wow, so much work goes into each piece.


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