News ...after a long pause / Novedades despues de una pausa..

...I have been very busy lately , making all house's curtains from Spain.
Amaia wanted curtains on Linen for a rebuilding house , stone house and beautiful wooden windows with shutters , the style I love , the perfect frame for Linen ..the best partners .

I will show you some of the window I mean...isn't it gorgeous ?!

Living room


Entrance window 

I have to do so far 13 curtains ..but happy to do it, never bored since I'm making several design depending on the window.

I will show now my proposal, do them separately , 4 units agreed with Amaia.

4 units at Living room, covering 3/4 glass w.

That one is for toilet:

And finishing entrance door  , also with a crocheted lace , is an antique lace, a treasury:

If you want to know how there are at the end, please stay tuned ,I will post them next week..and asking Amaia to shoot them hanging at home...soon


On the other hand,some more finished work is the following project just finished this weekend, I'm proud enough how that basket flowers turned out , I love this fabric, 'Vin the jour' from 3 Sisters Moda fabric , the charm pack and the baskets ( that I cannot remember now name of fabrics) which have them for long time in my stash, I fallen in love with this fabric...still I'm !

Bed coverlet ..to enhance decor

On the sofa..as a coverlet to decorate

As a tapestry on the wall to enhance a room or entrance

The back is nice 

Ramdomly pieced strips .love this technique to add bright at the back

Sashes white fabrics with FMQ, stitch in the ditch and inner charm pack have decorative stitches 
                                                                                     I like this miter border

mitered corners 
Thanks for visiting my blog...hope you like it
Happy sewing week to all of you :-))

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  1. O seu trabalho de patchwork está maravilhoso! Amei as cortinas em linho e crochê. Parabéns!

  2. Lovely to hear you are busy making more beautiful things for the lovely homes, just great!

    1. Hi Liga..I Haven't time yet to visit your lovely blog, I will go as soon as possible, I'm sure you have posted very nice novelties !

  3. oh wow, that living space is divine...and so suited to your linen curtains. They will look perfect.


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