Completed and looking ahead

Hi all, I want to share some news , I'm proud enough how that curtains turn up !
If I can say :  Linen is wonderful and drawn-thread-embroidery (called drawn-work too)
never disappoints , never fails me ..because fits to any decoration style, but as always said in my blog: Stone and Wood are the best partners  to join Linen fabric .

You will see below the curtains in a different context, when I will have pictures from the owner I will share here !  much more better, such design was made for one customer, one house ..that is important to  me : made with care, putting my thoughts  into that family :-)) honestly.

Here we are !

Those are 2 net curtains covering 2/3 windows-glass

They have initials of the owners ..a stunning monogram from my favourite's  book

Here close detail from embroidery (cross-stitch)
And following ..curtains in its place :

This is and renovated old house ... stone heart and wood eyes :-)
Linen window treatment is the best for that 'small' eyes... dressing windows with covering light

Another one for girl's room (2 of them same window )

Pictures are very bad, but what I want here is to show you the possibilities.
However , I like to make pictures at home before sent them in order to have as much samples as I could to explain to my customers for their choice.

 Here all together.... 3 windows 3 rooms 3 possibilities.. project's are endless, we and you , we can work together and design what you are looking for ages !

Hope you like them..as much as I like make them :-)) ins't it cute ? ...Linen is gorgeous .
Next post I will show a APPLIQUE TUTORIAL , even being my first Applique , how come ?
Stay tuned  :-))))

Happy St Patrick's day to you  all !
Happy sewing week to those who like needles  :-))
Thanks for your interest in my humble job 

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  1. Anónimo3/17/2015

    Stone, wood & linen, best blend ever!!

  2. Margarita your passion shine through! They are truly beautiful!


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