Beyond the simplicity of linen lives a warm heart...

Happy New Year ..
Yes I have not written for ages ! Almost 3 months.
I have been very busy moving home, and as you know it is a mess, getting all the stuff in boxes..
I like simplicity and easy life, therefore always looking for not having tons of items surrounding
and taking space. Despite that , we had too much.

As many of you know, if you are following this blog, Linen Artisan creates Linen projects that try to be timeless pieces, pieces that you can keep for ages and generations, yes ! As I said several times in my blog, this Natural and vegetal fibre lasts forever, it is 2 times stronger than cotton and coexists with human being since the beginnings .

Curtains in my Studio are the most requested, I'm proud to say that my Linen drawn-work curtains are around the World : USA, AUS,Canada,Sp,UK...
Saying that, it doesn't mean I'm running a big business, and having somebody to help me , on the contrary !
My work is absolutely handmade, and I have only 2 hands :-))
As an average, I can make 2 of them in a week, if they are large size, if it is small, maybe 3 .
I do like using my hands and always had ! But since 20 years ago , Linen is my passion.
All I can do with Linen, I do it .

Linen makes home warm and cosy (and fresh in Summertime ) Each design is for me an opportunity to reflects of needs and desires of my customers .That is the most important to me :
Creativity for the love on making a house an inspiration where to live.

Sharing with you my latest crafts:

1- Pictures from a makeover Armoire/ Wardrobe for my bed room, restored Antique wood that I remove the heavy mirror door and change it for my linen curtains...Can be an idea for you as well !

2- Cover cushion made by Tea towel , vintage tea towel called :'mangle cloth '..isn't gorgeous !
Has inside a soft-rustic linen insert too.

3- Lily's Linen curtains for an Australian customer , let's see the curtains in her home :

Thanks to Lily for trust on my craft !

And I would like to finish this post with a nice spot at home :

An old dark furniture peinted with chalk paint with transfer on it ..I really like it !
Colour is made by me a mix of old cream, white and lavender ... lilys that I made long time ago on cross-stitch

Stay tuned if you like African designs ....I made a nice quilted cover cushion
I will explain next post how I made them, my fisrt applique, meanwhile you can find them in my shop here 

Happy week with needdles in you hand  :_))  !!!!
Talk soon 

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  1. Anónimo3/14/2015

    Marvelous cosy deco for such cosy home!!

  2. Thank you for your kind comment! Yes, writing the blog is like talking to the people who stay around you and look at yours work. I always try to answer all the (imaginable) questions readers may have about my work :)


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