Progress in the 'Grandma embossed Pinwheels '

Hello all !
A quick reminder what is going on at the 'Grandma embossed Pinwheels ' Tutorial,  quilt mentioned in my last post.
Although I'm doing 2 top quilts at a time , crazy yes ! and working in my customised linen curtains too, I like to change jobs when I'm working in my studio, too much time in the same intricate work it is a bit tired so, changing is stimulating for my (giggles)

My blog has been neglected for some reason I have explained last posting, now my family are on holidays  that gives it to me an extra time :-))

Some pictures of my recent advance  about bordering the Grandma quilt .
It will be ready for 'motion quilt' but thinking on NO covering what is the most important in that one : embossed pinwheels, I'm proud enough how it turned out ...
Let's say it is my own design, I respect so much my quilter's fellow from whom I'm learning , but I like to give a personal touch :-))
Here we are :

It will be a Queen size

I have to provider these fabrics from Etsy USA supplier, I found a good deal of 2 Yards of that nice print reds fabric, same range I used in the patchwork .I have ambitious plans on quilting that big size quilt ...
Hope will be interesting , let's see if the final job (Free motion quilt) it worth it !!

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  1. Anónimo8/26/2015

    Suitable also for Granpas I presume... so colourful... marvellous craft!!


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