Grandma Embossed Pinwheels finished

In case you want to know how that project begans , please take a look here  and here 

Ongoing now backing and wadding cotton taped in the floor :-)) before spraying fabric with temporary glue to keep the sandwich strong, before quilting  in a domestic sewing machine this Queen size Quilt (giggles )

Full of safe pins it is ready for the sewing machine, and old Bernette

Stitch in the ditch technique to ensure the seam allowances

Looped meandering I never covered the embossed triangles , I wanted to highlight them in all that Quilt.

       Queen size : 175 x 200 cm ( 69 " x 80 " )

 Happy week to you all !
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  1. Anónimo9/02/2015

    The motif geometrical combinations along with the colouring are magnificient plus inspirational !!


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