All about Reclaimed furnitures, Recycled clothes ..

Today's post is about Reclaimed.
I like distressed , I like the mark of ages,  simulated the pass of time in any furniture I get , but also, as a 'fabricaholic', I like to give new chance to those fabric I get at anyplace ...sometimes, I saw in a Ric-Rac a piece of fabric, or a ready-made cloth and suddenly I see what could be at home ! That happends to me when I saw this apron...I imagined this print fabric in my reclaimed studio chair..
Take a look , never neglect what a piece of cloth could be ,

1/  The white lucky Chair :

This chair was abandoned in the attic, dark and dirty, I love now. It is made with an apron :-)
The apron was quilted and the roint flowers match perfectly with my furniture at home.

Here Before !

Makeover ...

Here now !

I'm happy enough to have at home bright and clean 'old ' furniture :-))

2/ The Little armchair:

This armchair was lost in a second hand furniture, price was very cheap , matching with my bedroom's  wardrobe, I gave it a chance with an old velvet dress (dark green) for the backrest,
and for the seat fabric from an old cushion  :-) No bad , isn't it???

But I wanted, a few days ago, make it all the same look ,

I wanted to take advantage of leftover in my stash .

Hope that can be inspiring for you.. never be afraid , give it a try , practice , practice and practice, you will find your own style !!

Happy week you all ! I hope to meet you soon here, with new ideas to 'practice'   LOL

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