Finished ' Magic Squares' ..

Hi there, a lot of pending information here , which I'm busy lately and I cannot post as much as I wanted, a pity because if I'm posting starting some quilts , and of course, the finish should be shown  , it makes sense  !!,  For instance, I would like post now, what happened when I was finished my last one ... the 'Magic squares ' , it was finished as a decorated bottom bedspread...
also if there is a log table, rustic wood table, can be as a Table topper  or can be hang as a Wall tapestry in a landing , up the stairs.. why not??
Here you can find how was started as a Tutorial 'Assembling Magic Squares'
My pictures are taken as a bedspread , I always wanted one of this

This is a Queen bed ..

As you see measurements is for complete a 4.7 ft / 5 ft , the Quilt sides will match the bed sides

Isn't it nice and charm ?! I like the look , rustic and cottage decor !

Much to do and catch up !! :-))

In case you lost how Magic Squares started see here 

Happy week to you all !

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