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The label ' Master of Linen ' certifies that the product is cultivated, spun, weaved and finished in Europe and that complies with precise quality and technical standards for dimension stability, colour lasting and mechanical resistance.

That's why garments made of tissues produced in the CELC countries benefit from the brand Masters of Linen which is registered in more than 60 countries. Linen fiber are treated by 15 highly specialised spinning laboratories located in Italy, France, Northen Ireland, Belgium, Austria and Germany. They produce a great variety of goods, about 22000 tons a year. Thanks to the creativity of its producers, Europe is the leader in the transformation of the linen yarns into tissues and knitting wear. The most innovative weaving and knitting wear plants are mostly located in Italy, France, Belgium, Northen Ireland, Austria and Spain.

Besides the quality of manufacturing, the brand certifies the quality of the European linen according to those  principles:

1- The linen certified by Masters of Linen is "easy style": this fiber appreciated by fashion designers can be used for classical and innovative projects.

2- The linen certified by Masters of Linen is "easy wear": it is perfect for any occasion, from the most important to the daily ones. It can be used to make elegant and natural tissues even  suitable to get in touch with the body skin.

3-The linen certified by Masters of Linen is "easy care": it can be easily managed because it dries quickly and improve its anti-creasing qualities.

Please have a look to those photographs , a summary from Master of Linen brochure contents :

From seed to Flax 
Textile flax has been grown in Europe since ancient times. Today the EU accounts 70% of production worldwide and has become the undisputed trade mark for Quality.
Sowing take place in early Spring and the flax reaches between 80 cm and 1m height  in a hundred days. The small blue flowers are delicate and very short-lived , just one day, during this fleeting moment ,a field of flax in full bloom , is magical and rare sight to behold .

Linen has been used since ancient times (8000 BC) It is the oldest textile fibre in the world.
European Linen is Ethical, since the working conditions and salaries of workers growing and processing flax are regulated. Is environmentally friendly require very little fertilizer and pesticides Transforming flax into linen is a natural and simple process. Lastly flax also yields many other derivatives, in the flax plant nothing goes to waste !

Caring your Linen:

- It is preferable wash Linen with water 
- soap without brightener (soap acts better in soft water)
- act on stains still fresh 
- by hand or machine rinse Linen well to prevent oxidations stains.
- place delicate garments (with embroidery or fringes ) inside a pillow case before putting in washing machine
- gentle spin cycle.
- Iron while still damp to prevent creases 
- starching is not necessary , when ironed recovers its shape and brightness.

Common stains :
1- Blood: cold water added ammonia
2- Coffee and tea: warm water added a few ammonia
3- Wine-fruit : fresh stain with salt and vinegar (or lemon juice) and rinse thoroughly

From my studio:
From the discovery of this fibre, a few years ago, Linen Workshop/Linen Artisan  has made its way of life, each craft project tries to capture colour and charm  of the Mediterranean , linked to a passion for the beauty of this vegetal fibre  with extraordinary brightness  and texture.
This flax  fabric evokes  and remember us  the memory of our family heirloom 
The Linen elegance, despite the years ,keeps its drop and its brightness...

With the awareness that every experience is unrepeatable, Taller del Lino, wants to share his knowledge and his ability to get "shapes" with the tools that I have and  accomplish any project that you require.
Made with care and gratefulness  there is a complicity with the customer who trusts me...

All my Linen works comes from 'Master of Linen' guaranty , can be tailor-made and customised with initials and  monograms.
Please get ideas in my Etsy store     or   HERE  my website.


WEB Master of linen  

AQUI la versión española de toda la información de los 'Maestros del Lino.'

Raw flax 

thin density , translucent
knowledge and experience 
      Tools and Knowledge    to make that as example :


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