Misterioso final ...Misterious ending

No estoy bromeando...quizas a muchos de vosotros os suena familiar  si no estais usando un patron establecido , hacer tus propios patrones con calculos y medidas para no tener sorpresas es un reto.
Yo soy mas caotica que todo eso ...acabo perdiendo la paciencia en calculos y probabilidades ...y termino trabajando sobre la marcha...la intuicion de si esto me gusta o no me lleva mas lejos...En ello estoy ahora .
Dejadme que os ensenie  los considerandos para llegar a un final incierto.


I'm not kidding , this title means what that means...maybe most of you sounds familiar,or  most of you used to use pattern ready made , but when you want your own design ,I guess you make a sketch and accurate measures...I do not , I'm more chaotic , losing patient , using intuition  I'm  going ahead by practicing on the go !
Let me show you what is more important to me...Joining colours 

La question es que tengo un encargo, me llega de California :Teddies and hearts en blocs ya hechos aplicados sobre fondo blanco unos y crudo otros .
Con una mezcla de colores en tonos bien distintos : corazones en pastel y ositos de vivos colores, ademas de ositos hermosamente bordados ...los anteriores eran siluetas estos son realistas...
Como unir todo este hermoso trabajo  y que pueda quedar un proyecto digno ?

Para mi parte lo mas importante de este quilt "aunar colores" ...buscando un nexo de union entre ellos.
En ello estoy..os lo ensenio:

I have and order from California, the customer send to me Teddies and hearts applique blocks in a white background..hearts are in Pastel colours and Teddies are shapes on vivid print fabric ones and very realistic brown  others ....How can I join so different styles ? 

OK , I will try to mix and match colours ..looking for a link  through the colours.. 
That is the most important to me !!   I squeeze my brain and I think is getting quite well !! 
Let's see :

1- Making sketch .. and measurements because ones are 6"..others 9 "...(giggles)

2- Buying fabric  on Wicklow  I needed to touch and to see real colour print fabric and I went to the 'Tree apple craft shop ' I recommend this shop , they are very friendly people , helping with tea and coffee ...LOL
There ..I tried by searching ' Pastel tones' and printed fabrics red and purple most  dominant Teddy colours .. but how can I join red and pastel together ?? ... I decided to go ahead with purple.

Lila es la union 

Facil con corazones !

3- Estaba pensando en hacer Log Cabin para cada Teddy, enseguida me di cuenta de que ya tengo bastante mezcla de color...! Decidi cortar todos a la misma medida 6" (corazones  9")
I was tempted  in a log cabin on each teddy ...I refused because I have colour enough !!
Decided : Cutting all of them at same 6" squares and make a lay out with it ...wait for the next inspired

Important ...mark  my 6" ruler in order not spoil such beautiful work...I don't want a mistake !

Reflejo de la luz 

4- Cada uno de los corazones entre bandas de su color , es el borde del bloc. 
 The hearts had to be sashed for same colour bloc ,  ..its the important match for all..
I used light and dark in the same tone for each one

Como conseguire  unir ahora pasteles y rojos con malvas ???   vamos a ver !
**** *************
And the most important to me.....How it is that matching with all the colours ??  ..there is a link enough in all around ???
Have a look !

Hard !!!  ;-))
 And.....Voila !!!!!

Making a top and bottom banding with all these colours I used ..I really like it !!
I will finish today ! I am very motivated ..let's see how can I quilt them into FMQ (free motion quilt )
Eureka !! uniendo bandas de los colores implicados arriba y abajo  cierra el circulo !! (para mi claro)
Thanks to David , the customer who allow me such challenge... (gracias por el reto David !)

More will follow !!!  LOL   stay tuned ..I will  finish soon !!  

Happy week for all of you !  ...Feliz semana y estar atentos...voy a terminar pronto !

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  1. that is so cute!!! And matching a lot of colours is very on trend for 2014...I don't know if you intended but you have quite a few shades there from the Pantone colour chart for Spring and Summer 2014 Marga, so spot on!

    1. Anne Marie...you always make my day !! I can really say :your comments feed my post..and my soul..
      Muchas gracias ...esperamos la primavera , verdad ? ..ya tengo ganas !!
      Hope see you soon with a glass of wine LOL


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