Highlighted Log Cabin / Log Cabin con relieve

I just finished something I would had liked to learn , a Log Cabin block with folded strips.
I made this project as well as 'quilt as you go' block.
After finishing a customer curtain I often like change activity having pleasure with colourful fabrics :-))
I bought a second hand book (as usual) long time ago  ' Quilting and patchwork project book' from Katherine Guerrier inside is a tutorial about 'Folded Log Cabin Pillow' , instead of the strips laying flat against the background fabric they are cut and folded. The folds lift away from the backing giving and interesting texture.
I cut a 2.5 " strip , folded = 1.25 " and market at 3/4 of strip to  stitch over it,  the next one you cover it  just to see only 1/3 on folded and stitched lower one ..and so on , easy , no need tutorial but I let you know some pictures and you will understand.
Hope you enjoy it !
The tutorial is made for a 4 log cabin blocks ...I rather prefer enhance around the block with folded triangles !!..
I got  the pillow textures that I called ' A bird with views'
Algo que queria aprender hace tiempo, "Cabania de troncos"  con las tiras dobladas. Hecho con la tecnica 'quilt as you go' ..es decir, acolchando al tiempo que se cosen las piezas del block.
Acabo de terminar un projecto de cortinas en Lino blanco y despues de eso  "necesito tocar telas de colores ".
Hace tiempo compre un libro de segunda mano (como de costumbre ) 'Proyectos de Quilting and Patchwork ' de Katherine Guerrier , en su interior hay un tutorial de como hacerlo ...me gusta la textura y el relieve conseguidos.
Corte las tiras de 2.5 inchas  dispuestas como un "Log Cabin" normal pero dobladas, resultan a 1.25 inchas , para seguir cosiendo marco las tiras a 2/3 de su ancho donde coso encima, para esconder la costura cuando dispongo la siguiente tira encima dejo ver solo 1/3 de la anterior.
Mejor lo veis ..espero que os sirva para vuestros futuros proyectos si es de interes
 Fabrics I used a mix match 


I started at the right side (white strips)
n2 instead n4 .

4 inches square  over a poly wadding / cuadrado de 4 inchas 

2.5 inches all strips /todas la misma medida 

Stitched over 3/4 of the 1.25 in width / cosidas sobre 3/4 del ancho de la tira

Not stitched in the middle at 3/4 it keeps hidden / coser mejor a 3/4 del ancho que el cento , se oculta mejor

 Finishing around the Log Cabin block with folded triangles.
3 folded triangles made in a 4" sq /triangulos doblados sobre cuadrados de 4"

Sewing triangles to a 2.5" strip to finish log cabin square .(apologies I have not pics), before last sewing mind the background fabric , over background stitched triangles with 'stitch in the ditch' all around to closed block and secure it.
But in fact you will see how does it works having a look !
Unir cara a cara los triangulos con una tira de 2.5" para terminar el block, antes de coser sobre el acolchado el final con los triangulos , disponed la tela del marco, en mi caso estampado azul (perdonad no hay foto)
He cosido todo alrededor del block, donde hay la costura de los triangulos , con la tecnica 'stitch in the ditch'.
Y asi resulto !/  That is , voila!!

Para mi gusto demasiado relleno/ too much filled , I need to change .

I made cover button  same fabric 

isn't it cute !
You can find more ideas in my shop  / aqui lo podeis encontrar   
Thanks so much for your interes !!  / Gracias por vuestro interes !

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    Such cover buttons do NOT seem buttons at all; rather like flowers...

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    ¡Qué pasada, Mararita! ¡Eso es una obra de ingeniería! :-)

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