Log Cabin series

Some of you , if you are reading my blog (Hello !!) know that I like Pinwheels so much ..and I made some of them that you can find, here here, and here crazy about windmills ....
Now  I'm learning about Log Cabin , always was fascinated in some available combinations that colleagues make with them...put together and matching same block the result came up quite different, ..is incredible , I will make a long size quilt , but first I need to know how they works...

Here  you can see ... , but I was playing yesterday making (as you go, as usual ) and  looking for a project with Log Cabin block and I found how to combine both patterns .., I mean , join pieces for a Phinwheels arranged as a Log Cabin block . Inspired me this I made time ago , having fun with a 2.5" with small triangle over a side...the result can vary so so much ..(you will see later on what I mean ...giggles )

     2.5" strips with a small triangle (sewing over a 2.5 sq...you know already !

    ...a variation.
  ...a simple and nice 'fliying geese making a windmill  (Pinwheel ,windmill)

 More 2.5 inches strips with a small triangle....making a block following clockwise 

For me that is a kind of log Cabin (  I know..nothing need to be invented !!) LOOK AT block's centre 

...all pieces turning around one square centre ..it is also a hexagon. 
And I found a TULIP !!! yes my new project is a Tulip in the stars !! Take a look :

A particular Log Cabin...pieces are displaced from the centre  forming a Tulip Flower...I love it 
This fabrics are Avalon from Moda , love the colours and combinations ..( leftover in my stash...)

yep !! right side is wrong !!! following the clockwise !

Is a Star Tulip ...lol

Important back seam allowance's  direction 

This is the sketch I found ! Measures it will come later .
Stay tuned..I will post a Tutorial next week...you can post in you facebook page or whatever ..
Have a wonderful week  :-))  /  Feliz semana entre costuras !

Lo siento colegas espaniolas...voy a hacer el tutorial en espaniol , por supuesto !
Sorry Spanish friend, I have not time..but I'm excited to show you the avatars from a Quilter without method, looking by my own ..when I can !! ( giggles )

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  1. Muy lindos tus trabajos y muy bien explicado, gracias por traducirlo, te sigo, cariños.

  2. Bueno no encuentro como participar, ni como seguirte, lastima, besos.


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