Creative partner for linen / Creatividad en Lino

Creative partner for magnificent linen fabric, that is 'Linen workshop', Spanish called Taller del Lino.
I always explain that all begins when I visited a Linen factory, I fell in Love. Since I'm a fan of vegetable fibre, loving animals and environment , I discovered a new passion, to make my own housewares in the way the  heirloom are , and my hobby become my little business .

Committed with this label...guarantee of quality ' Master of Linen'  EU trade and traceability ,
according to the European values from yarn (raw material) to wave (natural fibre) with strict quality standards, environmentally friendly and sustainable crops...

Please, for more information visit the website  Club Master of Linen , you will get much more information about European Linen Flax.

What inspires me  from a gentle gift of Nature !
As I said, I do love Vintage heritage, timeless treasures on Linen fabrics...

From my  favourite French Magazines 

Could be done in my Studio

Handmade Antique crocheted lace and my cross-stitch on Linen,my tools !

All starts pulling threads...

Gathering threads

And voila ! the drawn thread embroidery embellishes any houseware.

In this case my last project.. valances to decorate top windows.

Embroidery on top valance...unique and bespoken project

Backing should be an accurate work..could be seen from street
Linen artisan's project...embroidered linen blind lined 

As you probably know, I'm lost on projects in mind at a same time, as you do if you are sewing lover and fabricholic as I am..., working on that and thinking what is coming next...Am I right ?

Could you imagine me sitting in that chair ?  ..you could !

Find me sitting and sewing mostly of the time , the rest, if it is a sunny day, sitting and sewing outdoors   :-))
Let's get more cheerful ! let's get a stitched week !

By the way...strongly recommend go into my 'caring linen' section in case you are afraid using linen fabric... here is the link as well
I will 'see you soon' ...


August Summary/ Resumen de Agosto

Este Agosto esta marchando muy deprisa para mi, con apenas unos dias de vacaciones , aprovecho el trabajo que va saliendo, y como no es ningun esfuerzo trabajar en el sol , rodeada de verde , al contrario del frio invierno que me encierro en el estudio..pues voy haciendo trabajitos como las hormigas..por si viene un mal invierno...:-))
Al grupo de los viernes que he desaparecido por algunas semanas..os dejo lo ultimo.
Gracias por vuestro interes.

1- Cuadrante acolchado :
Compre esta tela a mi amiga de Miami, Bea, tiene una tienda hermosa de vintage en Etsy (como no!!) la maneja con gracia,muy buena en la presentacion y con mucha ilusion..me consta !
Es Toile de Jouy en azul con imagenes campestres ella detallaba asi una inscripcion en el orillo de la tela:
The following is printed along the selvage: "An original screen print copyright Bloomcraft protected with total action Du Pont Zepelo soil and stain repeller."

2- Bolsos de verano acolchados :
Tela de flores que me enamoro comprada en Kilbora shoppe  ( Marie es encantadora ...!) y las combine en contraste con rayas y lunares.

Acolchados en poliester tienen mucho cuerpo pero blandito a la vez..para quien usa moto o bici :-)

Se cambia facil el tirante , es de lino ..pero lo podeis cambiar :-)
Julia ..mi fantastica modelo que os ajuda a tener una idea como quedan 'puestos'...

Espero que os haya gustado...son piezas chiquitas entre mis costuras de cortina y cortina !!

Feliz semana de vuelta al cole !!!


NOT only about PATCH and QUILT but Also LINEN

Not only about patch and quilt are my sewing days, also I have been busy with my Linen, my other passion. Linen is for me a blank canvas where I can turn it on into a beauty. I mean, when piecing with fabrics.. the way you combine, are by itself a wonderful project..such combination, such fabrics..such result , is a guarantee,  you might like more or less, but a white Linen fabric...you may be very smart about what you are doing..
I confess however, that making drawn-work embroidery is such beautiful and amazing result.

I'm so thrilled because I had commissioned project ,designed in between customers and I.
They contact me and ask for advice , that is great for me ..absolutely customized project in a World that you can find almost all Ready-made is a privilege, make a project for those who value and appreciate a handmade-bespoken project.
Also is a project thinking on them and their needs, far away from massive and standard items.
Many of you that are reading this post, you know what It means..isn't it!


En este blog no solo encontrais mis trabajos en Patch and Quilt, tambien  lo que me mantiene ocupada muchas veces es el "Blanco como un lienzo " del tejido de lino. Cuando se trabajan las telas del patch y sus colores, siendo en si mismo un hermoso projecto donde mostrar tus habilidades en combinar formas y colores, hay una garantia de resultado, te gustara mas o menos..pero es en si agradecido. Con el Blanco del Lino tienes un reto, aunque confieso que el trabajo de vainicas lo realza casi-todo.

Estoy contenta por algunos trabajos de encargo, donde la cliente y yo acordamos el disenio, les gusta que les recomiende el projecto final adaptado a sus ventanas. Creo que en la era del consumo masivo, esto es un privilegio.
Muchas de vosotras sabeis a que me refiero !

Sin mas preambulos espero que os guste.
Estoy preparando un tutorial / I'm doing a Tutorial about it ...hope finished soon !

1/ Blind  Linen curtain with embroidered (cross stitch) flowers/ Estor manual,estilo Taller-Lino
    I used a magnifying glass because is tight woven and a medium-weight linen/ He de usar lupa

Windows sketch 

Window to fit 
Flower detail 
2/ Blind Linen with embroidery cross sticth fleur de Lys :

Backlighting / a contraluz 

Detail of embroidery Fleur Lys
In the garden ...not the best place !

3/ Drawn-thread-work curtains on Linen/ Vainicas en visillo de Lino.

In the garden 

Backlighting/ a contraluz 

For this window /su destino final :-))

I'm excited to receive pictures from all them at home....I will get in touch with you to show it!
Ilusionada por recibir pronto las fotos en sus ventanas !

Espero sea de vuestro interes..feliz semana
I hope it would be interesting ...thanks for stopping by ! happy week :-))


FINISHED Disappearing 9patch with scallops /Terminado el quilt con ondas

In case you want to know my last post here is about how this quilt starts and allow me show you how is finished. I'm happy enough how it turns this new Summer Quilt.
I have been busy Summer so far , no complain on the contrary !!! I have done several customers orders with my Linen curtains , making some of my Linen blinds which I like so much ..,
therefore my 'Plum sweet' had to wait until weekend to be finished...I jumped my sewing machine as I could...and here it is , nothing better for me that finish a project ...in this case a big project which is a King size quilt..
Hope you like it


Aqui  explicaba como empezo este Quilt, una especie de tutorial para que podais tener una idea (mas) de como hacer la terminacion en ondas , nada dificil os lo aseguro. Estoy contenta de como se ve  terminado, Ha tenido que esperar una semana pues he estado muy ocupada haciendo presupuestos y pedidos de estores de Lino, lo cual me gusta mucho tambien..no me quejo , pero en cuanto he tenido un momento libre salte a la maquina de coser y lo termine..no me gusta nada tener algo de quilt pendiente...aunque ya estoy con nuevos proyectos en mi cabeza...ya sabes a que me refiero !!
En esta ocasion es un quilt bastante grande , lo vereis sobre mi cama de 1m 50, son 2 m2 de quilt. Espero que os guste


    Backing in Ivory and gold colour/ Trasera en ivory y dorado
  Before FMQ / Antes de acolcharlo

Espero sea de vuestro interes...gracias por tu visita !
Thanks so much, I hope could be interesting !


TUTORIAL Disappearing 9Patch with scalloped edges/ 9Patch quilt terminado con ondas

Disappearing 9Patch Block with  2 Charm Packs 'Plum Sweet ' fabrics by Blackbird designs.
As usual I don't want to talk about Tutorial, it seems arrogant to me, such pattern it is known enough, but
what I want, looking for my own design, is to explain  what I do for sashing my blocks.

First of all I arranged my blocks into different layout, having all of them 4 new-born patch as a result of cutting the 9P, they are combined as a 4 - 5"P in a frame and secondly the most used as a X's block.
Laying blocks : 3 rows by 3 columns alternating in between  them : 9 B in total .
En una base de 9 patch , ya conoceis suficientemente como hacer 'desaparecer y obtener algo bien distinto'
hay muchos tutoriales en la web, lo que me parece muy util y queria resaltar, como enmarcar de forma facil y rapida cada bloc, lo aprendi aqui  , en el resultado de los 2 disenios obtenidos al cortar los bloques de 9patch  y emmarcardos solo dos lados del bloque cuadrado en blanco  .Al final he obtenido una sensacion de bloques cayendo al cololcarlos de forma desigual..mirad las fotos..se entiende mejor.

design Block 1
design Block 2

I decided sashing each block in 2 sides as I learned from Jenny from the Missoury Star Co. here ,
I like so much her know-how on make it easier and how she explains. In case you never seen before would be interesting.
By cutting a 3" wide and long WOF strip ( white in my case) , over it lay down one block behind other in chain, you can stack and sew at a time along the strip to speed this up .
After sew all of them in the strip, trim leftover intro the measure of your block square.
Making the same for the second side ..sashing in chain , you will have each block with 2 sash corner.
Playing with ..I didn't disposse all the same  and come out as they go down..funny !
Have a look :

Corte una tira de 3" de ancho por el ancho total de la tela
y fui cosiendo en cadena uno tras otro bloc.....corte al final a la medida del lado .
En el segundo lado del cuadrado lo mismo

Sewing Face to face over strip/  Cara a cara sobre la tira 

    Segunda tira lo mismo , respetando misma posicion siempre...es un trabajo en cadena :-))

  Mismo resultado en cada bloque /  Each block has same white corners.

  One sashed corner is first to the left hand right up , second to the left down..alternate , second row rotate.
  Estan dispuestos rotando , una vez arriba a la derecha, el siguiente abajo dcha.

All have been unified with a narrow white band 2.5".

And the second TUTO here is about scalloped edges (you can find also here)and I want to show you an easy and cheap way to do that As usual by using tissue paper as a pattern and a plate as a 'ruler' .
I would make a scalloped edges of 11" width around all (4 sides)
After add 12" of flower print fabric from same design...I have placed  tissue paper over the print frame and by using a dish I drawn the ripples, smoothing in between them for easy binding.
Better take a look, is easy and measures are in the pictures....

    8 " diameter

  Traced a diagonal to place  better corner ...

And now....before to place template  and to cut on fabric ...you should enhanced in my case by FMQ
meandering , or whatever you want ....

 About 70 " width and square Quilt.

IMPORTANT : Do NOTstrongly mark the waves .

Coming soon the binding...I will show you next week.../ Proxima semana el bies para terminar.

Happy week and thanks for your interest on my work/ Nos vemos pronto las colegas del viernes !