Completed and looking ahead

Hi all, I want to share some news , I'm proud enough how that curtains turn up !
If I can say :  Linen is wonderful and drawn-thread-embroidery (called drawn-work too)
never disappoints , never fails me ..because fits to any decoration style, but as always said in my blog: Stone and Wood are the best partners  to join Linen fabric .

You will see below the curtains in a different context, when I will have pictures from the owner I will share here !  much more better, such design was made for one customer, one house ..that is important to  me : made with care, putting my thoughts  into that family :-)) honestly.

Here we are !

Those are 2 net curtains covering 2/3 windows-glass

They have initials of the owners ..a stunning monogram from my favourite's  book

Here close detail from embroidery (cross-stitch)

Another one for girl's room (2 of them same window )

 here all together.... 3 windows 3 rooms !

Hope you like them..as much as I like make them :-)) ins't it cute ? ...Linen is gorgeous .
Next post I will show a APPLIQUE TUTORIAL , even being my first Applique , how come ?
Stay tuned  :-))))

Happy St Patrick's day toyou  all !
Happy sewing week to those who like needles  :-))
Thanks for your interest in my humble job 


Beyond the simplicity of linen lives a warm heart...

Happy New Year ..
Yes I have not written for ages ! Almost 3 months.
I have been very busy moving home, and as you know it is a mess, getting all the stuff in boxes..
I like simplicity and easy life, therefore always looking for not having tons of items surrounding
and taking space. Despite that , we had too much.

As many of you know, if you are following this blog, Linen Artisan creates Linen projects that try to be timeless pieces, pieces that you can keep for ages and generations, yes ! As I said several times in my blog, this Natural and vegetal fibre lasts forever, it is 2 times stronger than cotton and coexists with human being since the beginnings .

Curtains in my Studio are the most requested, I'm proud to say that my Linen drawn-work curtains are around the World : USA, AUS,Canada,Sp,UK...
Saying that, it doesn't mean I'm running a big business, and having somebody to help me , on the contrary !
My work is absolutely handmade, and I have only 2 hands :-))
As an average, I can make 2 of them in a week, if they are large size, if it is small, maybe 3 .
I do like using my hands and always had ! But since 20 years ago , Linen is my passion.
All I can do with Linen, I do it .

Linen makes home warm and cosy (and fresh in Summertime ) Each design is for me an opportunity to reflects of needs and desires of my customers .That is the most important to me :
Creativity for the love on making a house an inspiration where to live.

Sharing with you my latest crafts:

1- Pictures from a makeover Armoire/ Wardrobe for my bed room, restored Antique wood that I remove the heavy mirror door and change it for my linen curtains...Can be an idea for you as well !

2- Cover cushion made by Tea towel , vintage tea towel called :'mangle cloth '..isn't gorgeous !
Has inside a soft-rustic linen insert too.

3- Lily's Linen curtains for an Australian customer , let's see the curtains in her home :

Thanks to Lily for trust on my craft !

And I would like to finish this post with a nice spot at home :

An old dark furniture peinted with chalk paint with transfer on it ..I really like it !
Colour is made by me a mix of old cream, white and lavender ... lilys that I made long time ago on cross-stitch

Stay tuned if you like African designs ....I made a nice quilted cover cushion
I will explain next post how I made them, my fisrt applique, meanwhile you can find them in my shop here 

Happy week with needdles in you hand  :_))  !!!!
Talk soon 


Happy Christmas with LINEN...

Hi every one ! we all are preparing our coming soon Christmas Holidays ... and as every year, most of us are preparing too a to-do-list , dreams that we have in the end of a bucket, and want next year open it, move it ...re-move it , which if you are as I am ...every year I'm reviewing what is still in the bucket...LOL

Hola a todos , supongo que estamos con el trajin de las celebraciones , la comida de Navidad y la reunion familiar (para aquellos que somos una corta familia...abrimos nuestras puertas a los amigos y eso lo hace especial tambien ). Si sois de mi estilo, con el Nuevo anio va a empezar tambien los deseos de hacer aquello que quedo en el fondo del cajon para el anio siguiente ..lo revisamos, lo sacamos , le damos vueltas e intentamos, esta vez si, realizar nuestro suenio.

I'm not speaking about unrealistic dream, this is a blog from a 'needlewoman'...what I want is all about stitching, news projects that get me a new learning...I love that ! trying to learn with creativity.

Pero no hablo de suenios y grandes pretensiones, como es un blog de costurera, me refiero a proyectos nuevos , nuevas cosas por aprender...eso si me place ! siempre buscando alguna novedad.

But now..meanwhile I'm going to make the list and I let you know in the next post, please take a look what I've done this week ..just something we all need to wrap nicely jewelry or smalls presents that need to be find among tones of papers , cards, laces and so on the tree mat :-)) my advise is put them in a cotton bag, clutch or purse , you might find them in Etsy for example , even though I'm offering you look that ones...aren't they gorgeous ???

Por ahora, mientras voy haciendo la lista de deseos para el proximo anio, os dejo con unas fotos de lo que estado haciendo ultimamente, proyectos utiles, sin duda, para pequenios regalos que no pueden perderse en medio de papeles , envoltorios, lazos y targetas a pie del arbol , mi consejo para estas fechas, envolverlos en el interior de estos saquitos puede ser una presentacion original y que va a ser util a fin de cuentas

Bolsitas de algodon para joieria /  Jewelry small purse 
Neceser para tu maleta, tu bolso o perfecto regalo para "esconder algo valuoso"
Toiletry French inspired bag for something  really 'important'...

    Lino y algodon con cremallera y forrado en algodon /  Linen and cotton folded with zip

      Egrey linen striped at the back 

White red stripes at the back in that one  :-))

Hope would be of your interest .....Merry Christmas to all of you  !!!



Seasonal Trends / Tendencias de temporada...Christmas is coming !!

Es lo que tiene esta temporada para nosotros los artesanos, acumulamos trabajo en estas fechas
de Navidad, una buena oportunidad de dar a conocer lo que hacemos con mimo y lejos del trabajo masivo impuesto por esta sociedad de consumo que sacrifica la Calidad y lo personal vs precio.

Con el Comercio (injusto) que ahoga al pequenio productor artesano , si no estas en una via de Distribucion que hace el 'camino' por ti , lo cual implica en muchas ocasiones doblar el precio de tus productos, pues tienes doble trabajo : 'hacer algo distinto ' de tus colegas, ofrecer artesaia creativa/exclusiva/personal y saberte vender, arto dificil cuando estas horas y horas intentando lo primero , buscando la manera de ofrecer al consumidor 'exigente' que busca Calidad en producto 'diferente' y que le lleve a querer comprar lo que en definitiva significa tu negocio: amor por lo artesano, hecho-con-cuidado , una especie de slow-made-love...podria acuniar este 'imaginario' inspirado en el slow-food , que significa mucho mas que la traduccion
de estas palabras ....

Para estas fechas pues, realizamos pequenios detalles que enamoren y acaben comprando para regalar.
Aqui os dejo con unas ideas de mi Taller.


Christmas brings with tones of work for artisan people, a good opportunity to let customers know how is our job, caring all details to make it exclusive and personal far away from mass production from a Consumer unfair Society sacrificing Quality vs price.

Distribution is the most important some times for us, but that means increase 2 times (double)
item's price...that is quite impossible most of us  , finally we do all that promotion work on website :-))

I have done small pieces on Linen that you will fall in love in a reasonable cost to make a gift or caring yourself..

Hope you like it !

1- Linen Mat set /  'Tu-yo' para mesa especial Navidad con motivos de bordado Irlandes

 Irish motive embroidery launched-point on Linen Natural oat colour.

Buscando siempre la combinacion de estilos
Combined  English China with rustic farmhouse style

Christmas Tea Time  :-))

             This is a Irish-knot ..if you know the name , please let me know , leave a comment !!

2- Otra version de individual con cubre-cubiertos en Lino , una 'Misse en plat' especial, a   qualquier epoca del Anio
Exclusive detail for your table 'Mise en plat' (set up)  at any time , but gorgeous for welcoming at Christmas holidays :

     Quilted Linen oat colour and white binding ...with vintage detail ...I love it!
    Here cover cutlery ...isn't it cute ?

   Each one  has (the personal) its own

    Christmas version , put any red on it  :-))

3- Mas ideas personales para regalos con Personalidad :-))
    More personal ideas for a customised gifts ...specials for your loved ones :-))

  Personal clutch on Linen ...put inside whatever you need in your bag or luggage

Retro Vintage look , front

    Combined nicely prints fabrics inside each one

                              front , ho ho ho  !!!!!!!!!

                     Open up


                        see  inside print cotton fabric

Hope you like it , any question please contac me , delighted to lend a hand
Here more ideas for Seasonals GIFTS

Encantada de ayudar , si quieres preguntar envia un correo o ve a mi tienda 

Feliz compras de Navidad  /  happy seasonal shopping ....
Have a nice week !

Table Mat/ Quilted/ Individual acolchado

Este individual es sin duda para los amantes del estilo Retro y de quienes nos gusta las tazas de porcelana estilo Ingles, ademas he usado una tecnica nueva , para mi, de transferir una imagen del papel (impresion NO laser) a tejido (Lino), me encanta el aire Vintage/ Retro que se puede conseguir con esta tecnica. Existen varias paginas web , donde generosamente, puedes descargar las imagines e imprimirlas, en mi caso estoy con  the graphics fairy con esta web las posibilidades son infinitas..ahora mismo encontraras cantidad de Santas e imagenes de Navidad preciosas y con ese aire antiguo que , a mi, por mi edad ,me lleva lejos en el tiempo :0  !!

Pues os dejo con las imagenes de mi recien estrenado 'individual' , a ver si os anima a probar la tecnica del Transfer.


For those who loves Retro style and Vintage images , this table mat would be great to match a china cup over it , English style for a Tea pot Transfer image technique that I got from the graphics fairy  Textiles are from Cath Kidston fabrics , cotton fabrics with a traditional look-like that combines all the flowers retro style . In case you like that mat I hope would be inspirational for your next project....  let me know if so !  :-))

  'stich in the ditch' quilted to reinforced seams allowances

Polyester wadding to make easy washable...
Keep in mind you have to put a cotton cloth over image on iron it  ! no iron directly to image

Como un caramelito envuelto en la cinta de la autora de las telas ....
Is like a candy gift nicely wrapped !!

Puedes encontrarlo en mi tienda Etsy
In case you like it here you can find it 


Tutorial 'orange peel'

If I do say so myself , I like how the Southern light invades everywhere and comes full of charm
That seems to me when in my mind I'm thinking on Mediterranean sunlight covering vineyards, warm colours ,orange and red sky , it makes unique landscape .

I love so much the Winter too, yes I do, I like when cold mornings are grey-blue, not red but special light atmosphere  makes an enjoyable day to me and invites me to be warm at home .
And I love, the comings days , the Christmas holidays , the fireplace lighting the room... I remember my childhood at this time

But, what I want to share today, is my last quilt that have been busy making a new process (for me) sewing semicircles... (it make sense for you? ) As a beginner it takes me a lot of patience !

I think is a kind of 'lost-Summer-days' project, I wonder, why instead make a Christmas one I do prefer make a table toper full of bright and colour as a Summer Sunny days ?
The answer maybe is that I find Christmas time ephemeral , flies by ! and always was for me, maybe my effort, requires a project for the whole year...LOL

I want to share not all the tutorial (as usual) because I will let you know the original link later on , but I will explain how I do 'step by step' the 'new process' in my case.
Shoots of the complete quilt (at the end) are made in a winter day, it was foggy, sorry about that.

Here we go :

1- TEMPLATE  that I made, as usual, with cardboard (giggles !)



4- Cutting fabrics , in my case is a block with prints on a white background

5- MARKING the centre is important AC- BC

6- Show goes on ! PROCEDURE :

7- HERE WHAT YOU SEE at the back , is NOT AN APPLIQUE ...it will be a 'leaf over a white square '  (sewing them together )

       right side.... the 1/2 job is done

AND.....STARTING AGAIN  ( first point above  in order to make a complete block )


lay out as a circle or as a 'butterflies, it seems also to me  .. as you want !


Finished as a Table topper with scalloped edges ...I find it worth all that work LOL

Quilted with Free Motion meandering , smalls at centre piece and largest around the binding

In a foggy day ...almost snowing ,  all my garden was frozen !

Hope it would be interesting for you, ask me whatever you need or comment, it feeds my soul :D   I will 'see you' next post...have a nice week .

Ah !  HERE you can see my inspiration , an expert and talented quilter , thanks to her and her explanations  , abailable in PDF.