Sant Jordi : una Rosa y un Libro / Special Catalonian day : a Rose and a book

A quick reminder for one of the best traditions we have in Catalonia...Sant Jordi's day  (Saint George)
The warmth and flowers comes with all its bloom .

All the cities and small villages are full of Roses , at any place you can find stalls with Red Roses and books ..books in anywhere ..It is our way of celebrates Valentines day as well !
Para los que leeis este Blog en castellano, probablemente conoceis el dia de Sant Jordi y el significado tan especial para nosotros los catalanes, anuncia la primavera y las calles y plazas se llenans de Rosas rojas y libros , se dice que es nuestro San Valentin , a mi me encanta este dia !!

My contribution would be finish this cushion....Let's go work  and finish tonigth!

Have a wonderful Saint George......./      Feliz dia de la Rosa  y el Libro/    Felic Sant Jordi per a tothom!

Tenia este cojin Petit point ..I have it  for a long 

Encontre esta tela ....I found this fabric..isn't it amazing!!

A new life ...recycle 

Espero quede precioso para mi nuevo sofa ..que sera casi blanco. For a new white place !

Stay tuned.../     Estad alerta ..a ver como queda (?)

Happy 'stitching week'   /  Feliz semana de costura 

4 comentarios:

  1. Long live St. George plus St. Patrick!!
    A rose & a book or a rose & a lamb, just like Little Prince...

  2. Love the thousands of colourful fiestas all around Spain! Love that cottage chic look of the cushion. Happy Sant Jordi Marga.

  3. Anónimo4/26/2014

    What a beautiful cushion! I've never stitched petit point, but I do love to cross stitch; I find it very therapeutic :)

    1. I'm agree with you Emma..I start like a therapeutic hobby and now is an important part of my life. every day is therapeutic ! LOL
      Yes Anne Marie, I know you are a fan of Spanish colours !!


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