Spring is coming along / Eclosion de color, es Primavera

Did you ever see that post before in my blog ?  It was about Spring is coming with lots of colours...
Casual Spring in this case ..Please have a look and understand what I mean, isn't it  gorgeous! is for my guys !
I found in a Quilt magazine that  from Fons and Porter. I like it, easy to understand .

Inside you will find a the designer of this Denim Quilt...I told before that I fall in love and immediately thought in my son Roger and Helen...
I cannot give you the pattern, which is copyright matter..but you will understand when see the pictures..
For those who love Cathedral Windows is so easy..and it seems is a kind of  Japanese Folding Quilt technique

Here is my version ...no perfect in the back side, I had to admit , It can be improved !! LOL

If it would be now..I would make stitches in same colour :blue

Be indulgent , is more difficult to handle than I thought :-))
Esta es mi version del quilt que encontre en esta revista arriba referenciada ..me enamore y lo pense para mis hijos..pronto lo van a tener en casa ..
Por temas legales no hay tutorial..pero para los amantes de Catedral windows es facil con solo verlo y el patron que ella ofrece es sencillo, lo dificil es manejarlo , yo no le he puesto acolchado, lo encuentro muy recio para ser manta de cama, lo concibo para decorar o en un sofa, tambien picnic...Espero sea de interes.
Warm and charm for young people ..and old as well !

Open in the top with blanket stitches.

Happy sewing weekend !! Feliz semana de costura entre-manos

Hi guys...I find that for you...enjoy!

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  1. Anónimo4/05/2014

    Jeans quilting to power!!

  2. That is just amazing Marga!

  3. Very different but cheerful and beautiful in its own way! Great result!

  4. Unfortunately blogger leaves no possibility to answer , a pity
    I want to thank you for the time on review my post

  5. Margarita! What a surprise! I have been in your blog before and never realized it was YOU! I will hit the follow button right now, if I find it!.

    Lovely quilt by the way! :)

    1. Thanks so much Ana...It's a surprise for me that you were in my humble blog before ! oh dear ..How come ??
      Greetings !!


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